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designer 1640s, "one who schemes;" from design. Meaning "one who makes an artistic design or a construction plan" is from 1660s; in fashion, "bearing the label of a famous designer" (thus presumed to be expensive or prestigious), from 1966. Designer drug attested from 1983.

It was as if her designer were trying to make a craft invisible at sea.

A working manual for the man who wants to be his own designer and builder.

Undoubtedly its designer took that into account when he designed the gown.

Who could look upon such a scene and not praise the Designer?

All this work may be changed or modified to suit conditions and the taste of the designer.

Everything the inventor and designer had claimed for her was proving true.

Her designer never lived to see her face the storm and wave.

The designer of “The Artistic Home” is right in keeping to still life.

This brings up the identity of the designer in the civilization of illiteracy.

Of this the first designer was Rhoicos the son of Philes, a native of Samos.

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